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Digital Downloads

Selections from the Collins & Winters Collection

Thumb Book Title and Author Language Year Link
The Holy Bible, Geneva Edition
Published by Robert Barker, London
English 1608
La Vita Nuova
by Dante Alighieri
English 1915
Concilium Tridentinum
The Council of Trent under Pope Paul III
Latin 1596
Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam English 1928
The Gate of the Horns, Book 75 Hebrew/Rashi Script 1900s
Sensus Externus (L."External Sense") Latin 1794

Worthy Books (Not in Collection)

Direct Download or Torrent (Torrent downloads require BitTorrent, qBittorent, Deluge or similar Torrenting software)
Thumb Book Title and Author Language Year Download
The Gutenberg Bible by Johannes Gutenberg Latin 1456
Codex Gigas, The "Devil's Bible"
Largest Medieval manuscript in existence, 165 lbs, 310 parchment leaves
Latin Early 13th Century
The Voynich Manuscript Unknown ~1400s
Flemish Psalter Illuminated Latin 1500
Liturgical Psalter Armenian 1500